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Bring our fast, easy, personalized cognitive assessment aid to the sideline, anywhere you play or practice.

Assess and monitor your players' brain performance over time.

Get a Baseline

Players complete fun, interactive brain games


If you suspect a change in players' performance, have them repeat the cognitive assessment aid

Share results

Share the results with a qualified medical practitioner

Test areas of cognition, like balance, memory, coordination App's brain games test areas of brain health Monitor player's brain health from your iPhone or Android Concussion screening and recovery tool for teams

Track progress

Athletic trainers may instruct players to re-take HitCheck to monitor their brain performance over time.

Monitor your team

Use your roster management dashboard to monitor every player. Add "admins" to help you manage your team.

Access results anytime

Track players' brain performance history in one place from your smartphone.

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HitCheck was featured in this year's Stanford Business School's Sports Innovation Conference.

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