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Early detection is the key to concussion recovery.

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start with a pre-test to capture baseline measurements of vital brain functions

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retest right from the sideline,
compare scores to
baseline results

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have a trainer or medical practitioner review results for personal diagnosis in minutes

Test areas of cognition, like balance, memory, coordination App's brain games test areas of brain health Monitor player's brain health from your iPhone or Android Concussion screening and recovery tool for teams

Monitor recovery

retest daily to track progress and make smarter return-to-play decisions.

Manage teams

monitor your team or organization with the roster management dashboard

Protect your players

Catch and treat concussions early to reduces the risk of chronic issues

HitCheck proudly serves

HitCheck is American Youth Football’s concussion test
HitCheck is National Youth Sports Nevada's concussion test
HitCheck is go-to concussion app for Hyland Hills Hockey
HitCheck is the go-to concussion test for JASA RWC
HitCheck is AYF NorCal's go-to concussion test
Palo Alto Little League's uses HitCheck concussion test
Peninsula Pop Warner uses HitCheck concussion test