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HitCheck and Athletic Trainer System Partner to Streamline Operations for Athletic Trainers

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (July, 2024) – HitCheck, the mobile app that clinicians and athletic trainers utilize to track athletes’ unique brain performance and screen for signs of concussion, announced a partnership that integrates HitCheck’s baseline and post injury test results into Athletic Trainer System (ATS). ATS is an Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform utilized in secondary schools, colleges, and universities and in 48 states in the US.


HitCheck incorporates cognitive testing methods into a fast (5-7 minute) video game-like assessment that a health care provider (HCP) can administer via smartphone and tablet anytime, anywhere. The HitCheck assessment consists of a set of medically accepted neurocognitive and neurobehavioral tasks considered as best practices.

HitCheck users take a baseline test to measure nine brain functions impacted by concussions. The HitCheck post-injury test should be administered immediately after a user has sustained a head injury to capture valuable, objective data on the user’s brain performance that an HCP can use to assist in their comprehensive medical evaluation. HitCheck offers a side-by-side comparison of each user’s post-injury test results to that user’s stored personal baseline scores. Additionally, a subjective 22-question symptoms survey provides a standalone option for HCPs to monitor recovery.

“We want to emphasize the vision of creating a sports landscape where all contact sports prioritize brain health screening to safeguard athletes from the negative impacts of sports-related concussions,” states Mike Piha, CEO and Co-Founder of HitCheck.

ATS is used by more than 2.4 million athletes worldwide. ATS’ portfolio of services

provides a secure solution for health record storage and utilization in educational,

clinical and industrial settings. The integration with HitCheck deepens the focus on athlete safety in responsible sports programs.

“Working with HitCheck allows us to leverage their quick and easy concussion assessment mobile app to enable us to better serve our key customer – the athletic trainer,” Rhett Keffer, President and CEO of ATS stated.

About HitCheck

Drawing on decades of medical research, HitCheck takes standardized cognitive testing methods and translates them into short, simple mobile assessment tests that users can take immediately whenever and wherever a head injury is suspected. Each test measures a specific aspect of brain performance, such as coordination, memory, reaction time, executive function, etc. Once the test is complete, the technology captures important data, records and compares objective, quantitative results from prior performance, and highlights changes in brain functions that may require medical attention. HitCheck currently serves 200,000+ subscribers with customers in six countries including partnerships with Stanford University, Howard University, Baylor Scott & White Health, American Youth Football, Tennessee State Soccer Association and NFL Alumni Association.

For more information on HitCheck visit: or

About ATS:  

ATS is a comprehensive EHR system developed with Athletic Trainers for

Athletic Trainers to be used in day-to-day operations.  The goal of ATS is to save time for medical staff in all settings by providing a methodology for quick and accurate documenting of information.  More information may be found at

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