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HitCheck Responds to California Youth Football Initiative

HitCheck Response to California Tackle Football Ban

The Mindful Players Project, launched by HitCheck in collaboration with leaders in sports, technology, and education in California, aims to prioritize the health and safety of youth athletes in the state. This initiative focuses on providing on-location brain health screening and concussion awareness training for all youth contact sports athletes in California.

Mike Piha, CEO and Co-Founder of HitCheck, emphasizes the vision of creating a sports landscape in California where all youth contact sports prioritize brain health screening and concussion awareness training to safeguard athletes from the negative impacts of sports-related concussions.

California Governor Gavin Newsom is also committed to improving player safety throughout the state and expressed support for strengthening safety in youth sports in his response to Assembly Bill 734, which focuses on banning youth football for athletes ages 12 and under in California.

The Mindful Players Project is calling on active and former professional athletes to support this cause and help ensure the safety of youth athletes participating in sports. Interested individuals can contact the project via email at

HitCheck, the leading cognitive technology company behind this initiative, has developed a mobile app that enables clinicians and trainers to baseline and screen for brain health using standardized cognitive testing methods. The app provides short, simple assessment exercises that users can take immediately whenever there is suspicion of injury. The app measures various aspects of brain performance and compares objective, quantitative results with prior performance to highlight changes that may require medical attention.

HitCheck Concussion App for Youth Football

HitCheck is partnered with various organizations and institutions, including the US Military, Stanford University, Iowa State, Texas Youth Football, and others. The company also has medical and athletic advisors such as Davante Adams, Junior Bryant, Brent Jones, and others.

For more information on HitCheck and to download the app, interested individuals can visit the company website at


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